Battleship Craft Galaxies

Battleship Craft Galaxies is the Sister Wikia for Battleship Craft Fleets Wiki in which an Alternate Timeline has formed that has accelerated the technology Nations can create such as flying ships. For the game, visit Battleship Craft Wiki.

Wanna join a fleet? First, check out our Rules to familiarize yourself with our standards. Then come check out the Recruitment Sheet where you can find the best fleet to join.

Planning to start your own fleet though? Check out our Navy Guidelines to understand how to maintain and operate a fleet. Then, check the Star Charts to see if the place you want is available.

Wanna discuss stuff and goof around with other members? Join our Discord with this link here.

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  • Galaxies is still being prepared for Roleplaying.

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Whould we put Restrictions on Ship Numbers?

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