• NovaTopaz


    August 27, 2017 by NovaTopaz

    Well, it's official at this point. I'm probably going to leave for awhile, hand the powers that be to someone else, and get on with life. I may help with a few things, but I will no longer be spending as much time on here, or might not spend any time at all. I will see many of you on discord, but that is the most contact I will have with any of you.

    There is a few reasons for this. One, and the chief reason behind this decision, is that school is coming up. I need to get the extra credit school work I took on for the summer done, and that simply isn't possible if I'm spending the majority of my time trying to take care of the matters on this or other wikis. Second being... Well, Marc was right when he said haven't done much to actually get …

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  • Marcboy99

    What is this?

    August 9, 2017 by Marcboy99

    This is the Battle Board. All the battles that occur will be located here. To start a battle, make a blog with your battle then have responses to the battle be contained in 1 thread. Chitchat about the battle can be in a second thread.

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  • NovaTopaz

    Proposal: Economy

    June 14, 2017 by NovaTopaz

    Basic economy system:


    50-100 * number of significant systems(+ (~10* number of insignificant systems, if any. This can be ignored, or removed from this entirely, as the number of significant systems can already take this into account)) + utility improvements / 3(... And super factories or the like? IDK) (the income per planet can go higher than this, but it will have to be judged by admins as to wether it can be put there without issues arising), per week, with a max of 2-6 weeks of unused points, depending on how many systems you have. Maintenance is deducted after.

    10,000+ for any weapons which could destroy planets, if they are even allowed ever. While unlikely, still want to account for it in case they ever are used, not to say th…

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  • Kittyswinger

    Keeping this as detailed yet short and simple as possible

    Proposal 1A: Introduce modified point's system - to fit BSCG ship types

    Proposal 1B: Providing we add points, I Suggest the following:

    Points a week: 400

    Maximun capacity: 2,000

    Boss fleet events: (TBA - similar to how BSCF's work)


    Star fighters/interceptors - 1 point

    Star Bombers - 2 points

    Atmosphereic fighters - 1 point


    Tanks - 5 points

    Light vehicles - 1 point


    Capital ships (Hansa dreadnoughts) - 200 points

    Capital ships (Vanilla dreadnoughts) - 190 points

    Super Carriers - 200 points

    Heavy Carriers/Battle Carriers - 175 points

    Carriers - 150 points

    Light Carriers - 125 points

    Battleships (Vanilla on par with Hansa?) - 150 points

    Battlecruisers - 125 po…

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  • Kittyswinger

    This is the random chat room, where discussions of OOC topics and random ideas spread into every corner of the universe, along side discussing roleplay ideas and discussions for vote to implement into the actual roleplay or wiki


    No Flaming

    Be Respectful

    Take all topics and comments into consideration

    Feel free to talk about... Anything

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  • Neutralartuen




    It is a period of civil war. Human spaceships, launching from hidden bases, have decided to escape the war against the evil Sol Empire.

    During the escape, many nations settled in the nearby Epsilon Octanus System, while others ventured out into deep space to avoid the Sol Empire's space station with enough power to destroy an entire fleet.

    Pursued by forces of the Sol Empire, the nations race out of Earth aboard their large fleet of starships, custodians of the people that can save the human race and restore freedom to the Sol System...

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  • Neutralartuen

    Okay, so one of the things we really need to develop as we start this wiki is the specific speed of FTL travel. This is so that we can classify hyperdrives, and to determine how long would it really take to reach a destination. Here is my proposal:

    I say we adopt a "warp factor/warp class" system like Star Trek and Star Wars. Now just a little suggestion: Usage of the term "warp factor" and "warp class" would differ between nations, although having the same meaning. Sort of like British and American English.

    Hyperdrives would be ranked from 1 to 25 in ascending order, anything above 25 would be EXTREMELY unstable.

    • A Class 1 hyperdrive would basically mean the speed of light (c), or 0.0027 lightyears per day.
    • Each class would multiply the current…
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