What This Is

As you might have noticed, Galaxies is made for Battleshipcraft. More specifically, Hansa Battleshipcraft. However, because the game has been removed from the App Store, many more games have become accepted as possible sources of shipbuilding. That said, each game needs a metric in order to determine what kind of ship it is such as a Destroyer or Battleship. This is a list of the games with their metrics.

Game List


Toughness Scale

  • 75K Above: Mega Battleship
  • 60K-74.9K: Super Battleship
  • 45K-59.9K: Battleship
  • 35K-44.9K: Battlecruiser
  • 25K-34.9K: Heavy Cruiser
  • 20K-24.9K: Light Cruiser
  • 15K-19.9K: Destroyer
  • 10K-14.9K: Frigate
  • 1-9.9K: Corvette


Toughness Scale

  • 4M Above: Mega Battleship
  • 3M-3.9M: Super Battleship
  • 2M-2.9M: Battleship
  • 1.5M-1.9M: Battlecruiser
  • 1M-1.49M: Heavy Cruiser
  • 500K-999K: Light Cruiser
  • 100K-499K: Destroyer
  • 50K-99K: Frigate
  • 1-49K: Corvette


Point Scale

  • 11,000 Above: Mega Battleship
  • 8,000-10,999: Super Battleship
  • 6,500-7,999: Battleship
  • 5,000-6,499: Battlecruiser
  • 3,500-4,999: Heavy Cruiser
  • 2,500-3,499: Light Cruiser
  • 1,500-2,499: Destroyer
  • 750-1,500: Frigate
  • 1-749: Corvette