Successor to AIF:

Greetings, traveler!

We are the Imperial Alliance of Planets, a collection of star systems colonized by Humans united under a single banner. Our capital is Telos IV, a fortress-world which was colonized by our predecessors, the Imperial Alliance of Albion, also known as the AIF. Earth, our home planet, was consumed by turmoil and war as we left. Now, we spread out amongst the stars so that we, the inheritors of humanity, may flourish once more.


The Imperial Alliance of Planets is governed by a constitutional monarchy. Planets, regions of the planets, and sometimes regions of a planet all have seats and representation in the Parliament based on the fortified planet Telos IV. In addition, local governments handle much of the day-to-day and local issues.

Interstellar Political Relations

We do not know of many factions as of now. We have unconfirmed rumors of other human outposts, however.


Trade Partners/NAPs

  • We have limited trade with one of the few known alien species that hasn't shown the desire to kill or enslave humanity.


  • Sith Empire
  • Protoss



Unlike the heavily subdivided militaries of old, the Imperial Alliance of Planets has consolidated their military in to two main branches. The Alliance Imperial Army handles all ground operations, and some atmospheric aviation. The Alliance Imperial Fleet handles all space combat, along with providing transport for the AIA, and most combat aviation.

Alliance Imperial Army

Armoured Corps



Robotic Weapons


Ground Defenses

Alliance Imperial Fleet

Navy Troopers

Starfighter Corps

Aerospace Fleet

Main aerospace fighting arm of the AIF. Many vessels are older models, and veterans of Earth conflicts, including the Sith and Protoss wars.

Orbital Infrastructure


We are currently exploring and settling new systems. Listed are only the inhabited planets and celestial bodies.

Telos System

  • Telos III
  • Telos IV (Capital)
  • Fondor (Asteroid base)

Tarias System

  • Dustball (Mostly desert)
  • New Panama

Hopewell System

  • Monarch
  • Newhaven (Asteroid base)
  • Arboris (Moon of Hopewell VII)

Gemini System

  • Hodston