Staff Message

All Guidelines are here to help New Members start off on a good foot and help new Navies be formed. Navies can give Members Experience for their own Navies in the future and allow users to communicate ideas and learn from each other.

Starting a Fleet

These are some Guidelines that must be completed and followed to create a new Navy. Failure to comply with these Guidelines will result in the Navy/Nation being deleted. Exceptions to these Guidelines are granted on rare occasions.

  1. All New Members MUST have to be active on BSCG in another navy for at least 1 Month. This is required to give the Member experience to run a Navy/Nation.
  2. Prior to forming the Navy/Nation, you must know where it will be located. Randomly placing a Navy/Nation somewhere will not be tolerated.
  3. Before creating a Navy/Nation, contact a Staff Member with your entire plan so they can determine if you can make it or not.
  4. Use common sense and don't randomly make a Navy/Nation only because you were bored one day.
  5. Be sure you can defend your Navy/Nation before you make it. Weak Navies/Nations will be deleted for their own good as the Navies World is tough and you will certainly be attacked if you aren't ready.

Navy Responsibilities

When you form a Navy/Nation, you are acknowledging the following Sailor Ethics. Don't worry though as making Navies/Nations is a blast!

  1. Respect all Navies/Nations, even at War.
  2. Don't edit a page that isn't yours or your not a member of unless given permission.
  3. Please give a description for your Navy/Nation on your page.
  4. Please give instructions on How to Join your Navy/Nation on your page.
  5. You are allowed to declare war on anyone.
  6. Members of warring Navies/Nations are allowed to Defect.

To Be Continued