Greetings, and welcome to Olympic Stellar Navigation Co. We are one of the premier interstellar passenger and freight services, and provide service to such locations as Mars, Telos, Tenelapis, and others.


Locations served by OSN


  • Neviston International Spaceport


  • San Eisley International Spaceport
  • New Coronet Spaceport


  • Vent Gamma Freight Center


  • Arisa Mons Spaceport

Other Locations

  • Ceres


  • Vice Chairman
  • Head of Finance
  • Head of Route Planning
  • Vice Head of Finance
  • Head of Ship Construction and Maintenance
  • Head of Marketing and Sales


Please fill out all questions when submitting your application.

  • What position in our company do you want?
  • What navies are you in?
  • What kind of ships will you bring?
  • What is the name of your character?
  • How will you react with coworkers in the workplace?


These are the ships of our fleet, most are unarmed, and protected under international law.

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