All of BSCG currently takes place within many different planetary systems located in the Milky Way Galaxy. The Milky Way is a barred spiral galaxy with a diameter of about 100,000 to 180,000 lightyears, and contains around 100 billion planets accompanied by 100-400 billion stars. The star Sol, which lies at the center of the Sol System, is used as the base for measuring distances. To calculate distance from a system to the galactic center (Sagittarius A*), simply add 26,000 lightyears to the distance from Sol.

Sol System

  • Stars: Sol
  • Planets: 8
    • Mercury
    • Venus
    • Earth
    • Mars
    • Jupiter(Gas Giant)
    • Saturn(Gas Giant)
    • Uranus(Gas Giant)
    • Neptune(Gas Giant)

The Sol System is where human life originated and is the center of most operations carried out by Nations. Many Nations decided to do a Mass Exodus and leave the Sol System for various reasons such as outgrowing their current space to needing more resources and even wanting to be secluded. Many Nations still reside here however.

Epsilon Octanus System

  • Distance from Sol: 10 lightyears
  • Stars: Epsilon Octanus(Main Star), Grath(Miniature Star)
  • Planets: 3
    • Tenelapis
    • Neo-Earth
    • Caelmare

Judaean System

  • Distance from Sol: 1,400 lightyears
  • Stars: Judaea
  • Planets: 7
    • Makpah
    • Israel
    • Ahtede
    • Tzonen
    • Sehlah
    • Keytor (Gas Giant)
    • Aad (Gas Giant)

The Judaean System was claimed by the Israelis after their exodus from the Sol System. It consists of 7 planets and multiple dwarf planets and asteroids that orbit the star Judaea in the center.

Shakuran System

  • Distance from Sol: 40,000 lightyears
  • Stars: Shakar
  • Planets: 7
    • Shi
    • Braken
    • Shakuras
    • Ignus
    • Xil (Gas Giant)
    • Nelyth (Gas Giant)
    • Ynoth (Gas Giant)

The Shakuran System was claimed by the Shakurans after the destruction of their own Vesta System.

Telos System

  • Distance from Sol: 200 lightyears
  • Stars: Telos
  • Planets: 6
    • Telos I
    • Telos II
    • Telos III
    • Telos IV
      • Fondor (Asteroid)
    • Telos V (Gas Giant)
    • Telos VI (Gas Giant)

The Telos System was claimed by the Albionians after they left the Sol System.