The Eternal Imperial Dominion of Arlotha, known as the Dominion, is a small empire located entirely within a single large overpopulated system 87,329 lightyears from Sol. Although it is a united empire, many consider it to be a dictatorship. It is ruled by Alaya Denondu, a direct descendant of Hayu Inayaa Denondu, a powerful man who united the system and became its first Emperor. Arlotha's population is 100% Arath, a humanoid alien species who are found exclusively within the tight control of the Dominion. There is no leaving, and there is no entering; Arlotha is one of the most isolated areas in the entire Milky Way Galaxy.

The quality of life in Arlotha is considerably high, that is, if you are not one of the billions of Arath enslaved and mistreated by the Dominion. The military could just come knocking at your door, take you by force, and send you to the so-called "labor planets". Defense and stability is a focal point of the government, and large measures are taken to ensure stability.

Capital: Asrenath, Arlotha
Government Type: Absolute Monarchy
Leader: His Royal Imperial Divine Majesty Emperor Alaya Denondu


The Dominion is located entirely within a single large system called the Arothana System, and is located 87,329 lightyears from Sol. The entire system revolves around a single star called Ereth.

  • Population: 13,218,043,945
  • Terrain: Desert
  • Climate: Very Hot, Dry
  • Moons: 1

Thanedana is a small planet and is closest to the star Ereth. Due to its proximity, it is scorched with immense heat making life almost impossible here. However, a small population has managed to survive. There is only one large settlement located in Thanedana, the capital city of Ereshkala. In this single city alone, 96.3% of the entire Thaned population thrives there, with the other 3.7% of the population living in smaller settlements near Ereshkala.

  • Population: 73,946,854,247
  • Terrain: Rainforests, Mountains
  • Climate: Warm, Tropical, Humid
  • Moons: 4

Strekkellis is one surviving example

  • Population: 624,545,061,198
  • Terrain:
  • Climate:
  • Moons: 3

  • Population: 435,544,762,659
  • Terrain:
  • Climate:
  • Moons: 41

  • Population: 50,214,448,326
  • Terrain:
  • Climate:
  • Moons: 6

  • Population: 62,405,349,583
  • Terrain:
  • Climate:
  • Moons: 15

  • Population: 37,195,428,865
  • Terrain:
  • Climate:
  • Moons: 24

  • Population: 89,484,685,264
  • Terrain:
  • Climate:
  • Moons: 8