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  • I am I am one of the 2 genders, because there are only 2, I am one of them, so that either makes me a guy or girl right?
  • Kittyswinger

    Keeping this as detailed yet short and simple as possible

    Proposal 1A: Introduce modified point's system - to fit BSCG ship types

    Proposal 1B: Providing we add points, I Suggest the following:

    Points a week: 400

    Maximun capacity: 2,000

    Boss fleet events: (TBA - similar to how BSCF's work)


    Star fighters/interceptors - 1 point

    Star Bombers - 2 points

    Atmosphereic fighters - 1 point


    Tanks - 5 points

    Light vehicles - 1 point


    Capital ships (Hansa dreadnoughts) - 200 points

    Capital ships (Vanilla dreadnoughts) - 190 points

    Super Carriers - 200 points

    Heavy Carriers/Battle Carriers - 175 points

    Carriers - 150 points

    Light Carriers - 125 points

    Battleships (Vanilla on par with Hansa?) - 150 points

    Battlecruisers - 125 po…

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  • Kittyswinger

    This is the random chat room, where discussions of OOC topics and random ideas spread into every corner of the universe, along side discussing roleplay ideas and discussions for vote to implement into the actual roleplay or wiki


    No Flaming

    Be Respectful

    Take all topics and comments into consideration

    Feel free to talk about... Anything

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