Keeping this as detailed yet short and simple as possible

Proposal 1A: Introduce modified point's system - to fit BSCG ship types

Proposal 1B: Providing we add points, I Suggest the following:

Points a week: 400

Maximun capacity: 2,000

Boss fleet events: (TBA - similar to how BSCF's work)


Star fighters/interceptors - 1 point

Star Bombers - 2 points

Atmosphereic fighters - 1 point


Tanks - 5 points

Light vehicles - 1 point


Capital ships (Hansa dreadnoughts) - 200 points

Capital ships (Vanilla dreadnoughts) - 190 points

Super Carriers - 200 points

Heavy Carriers/Battle Carriers - 175 points

Carriers - 150 points

Light Carriers - 125 points

Battleships (Vanilla on par with Hansa?) - 150 points

Battlecruisers - 125 points

Cruisers (Heavy) - 100 points

Cruisers (Medium) - 70 points

Cruisers (Light) - 50 points

Destroyers - 20 points

Frigates - 10 points


Super laser ships - 400 

What other super ships do we have?


do we have those?

Proposal 2: Tech, alot of us know, we hated the massive tech spam on BSCN, as it got overly complicated and allowed for ships and fleets to be 1 shotted, now, I propose we allow super weapons to be able to inflict severe damage to ships, but not one shotting them, unless they were already very crippled or moderately damaged

Tech I feel we should keep:



Super Lasers



Ground based - defensive rail guns

Nuclear bombs 0-200MT

Stealth (to some extent)

Super weapons (again, to some extent)

Warp disruption (Nerfed to only being capable of pulling a few ships compared to a full fleet out of warp)

Warp Attack


Tech I feel we should remove:

Offensive railguns capable of crippling a ship instantly


Photon torpedoes

Cyber warfare (not remove, however, nerf it to some extent)

(Sorry tato) Wave guns, Black hole weapon based items, other ANF massive tech spam weapons..


Proposal 3: Planets

Now now, I know we all love the idea of making huge and vast galatic empires, but I feel like we're over dueing it, examples as in a ton of planets being habitable, I feel like each navy should get a few habitable planets, which they can design to their creative will, the rest being a few rocky planets and gas giants.

Planets = Points?

What would give value or reason to attack a planet? Well, Points, this would need to be discussed more to the community for feedback, an example being a gas giant could be worth an extra 10 points a week, an earth like planet or moon being worth an extra 20, would give reasons to attack actual navies and planets.

Ammount of planets per navy (On creation of the navy): yea, again, needs to be discussed, I say 10-15 (Excluding stars) max unless the planet was taken by another navy or it is a boss navy.

Ammounts of types of planets: (if we're saying, 10-15 max, i'd say 3 Earth like planets, 7 rocky like planets, 5 Gas giants, meh)

Proposal 4: Events