Okay, so one of the things we really need to develop as we start this wiki is the specific speed of FTL travel. This is so that we can classify hyperdrives, and to determine how long would it really take to reach a destination. Here is my proposal:

I say we adopt a "warp factor/warp class" system like Star Trek and Star Wars. Now just a little suggestion: Usage of the term "warp factor" and "warp class" would differ between nations, although having the same meaning. Sort of like British and American English.

Hyperdrives would be ranked from 1 to 25 in ascending order, anything above 25 would be EXTREMELY unstable.

  • A Class 1 hyperdrive would basically mean the speed of light (c), or 0.0027 lightyears per day.
  • Each class would multiply the current speed by 2, which would mean that a Class 25 hyperdrive would go at 45,298.4832 lightyears per day.

Of course, it would be unfair and unrealistic if EVERY ship boasts a Class 25 hyperdrive. So, I also made a chart of "costs" to see where a certain hyperdrive would fall.

  • Class 1-3: Most inter-planetary ships are equipped with hyperdrives in these classes. These hyperdrives can get you across planets in minutes.
  • Class 4-6: Used on shuttles and fast transport, and can ferry you across an entire system within a few minutes.
  • Class 7-8:
  • Class 9

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