• NovaTopaz


    August 27, 2017 by NovaTopaz

    Well, it's official at this point. I'm probably going to leave for awhile, hand the powers that be to someone else, and get on with life. I may help with a few things, but I will no longer be spending as much time on here, or might not spend any time at all. I will see many of you on discord, but that is the most contact I will have with any of you.

    There is a few reasons for this. One, and the chief reason behind this decision, is that school is coming up. I need to get the extra credit school work I took on for the summer done, and that simply isn't possible if I'm spending the majority of my time trying to take care of the matters on this or other wikis. Second being... Well, Marc was right when he said haven't done much to actually get …

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  • NovaTopaz

    Proposal: Economy

    June 14, 2017 by NovaTopaz

    Basic economy system:


    50-100 * number of significant systems(+ (~10* number of insignificant systems, if any. This can be ignored, or removed from this entirely, as the number of significant systems can already take this into account)) + utility improvements / 3(... And super factories or the like? IDK) (the income per planet can go higher than this, but it will have to be judged by admins as to wether it can be put there without issues arising), per week, with a max of 2-6 weeks of unused points, depending on how many systems you have. Maintenance is deducted after.

    10,000+ for any weapons which could destroy planets, if they are even allowed ever. While unlikely, still want to account for it in case they ever are used, not to say th…

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